Yukari Uekawa


Yukari Uekawa studied saxophone in CNR de Lyon (France), Conservatorium van Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and also studied contemporary music in Royal Conservatory of Ghent (Belgium) under the contemporary grope of Ictus and Spectra. In parallel with seasonal classical concerts, Yukari's passion brought her into performances with contemporary dance and Indonesian Gamelan music in Europe and Asia. She has recently been active as an improvisational performer, incorporating the movements of Butoh and Japanese traditional dance to create her own unique worldview.

19:00 - 20:00

Sunday 19th May Pasar Desa Day 2

Gamelan Widosari ft. Japanese Dancer & Musician

Gamelan Performance by Michiel Niemantsverdriet (Gamelanhuis) and Renaldi Santoso will be collaborating with a Japanese Musician, Yukari Uekawa and Japanese Dancer, Yuta Kuroki