Saman Wageningen


Saman Wageningen is a dance group organization based in Wageningen, facilitating Acehnese dance activities. As a partner of PPI Wageningen, most members of this group are Wageningen University students. They frequently perform the Ratoh Jaroe dance at events across the Netherlands. While the Ratoh Jaroe Dance has been performed by Indonesian WUR students for years, the structured organization was established in September 2022.

The Ratoh Jaroe Dance is a traditional dance from Aceh, Indonesia, combining various Acehnese dance forms. Performed by female dancers sitting down, the dance showcases swift movements synchronized with singing and percussion. Its choreography reflects the harmony of Acehnese culture and interprets praise to God.

12:00 - 13:00

Saturday 18th May Pasar Desa Day 1

Saman Dance

Traditonal Saman Dance from Aceh, Indonesia